Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Politics

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Politics

Newcastle University, 24th of May 2008

Pre-Conference Seminar

To warm up for the conference, Martin Weber will be presenting a paper on Friday May 23rd at 5pm in Politics, room G6, entitled ‘Hegel beyond the state? Left-Hegelian thought and global politics’. This event is free and open to all.

Conference Programme

Saturday 24th of May 2008

9.00am-9.25am: Registration and Coffee (Politics: Undergraduate Common Room)

9.30am-10.30am: Welcome and Keynote Speeches (Politics: Room G6)

Welcome and Introduction: Matthew Johnson

Keynote Speech: Martin Weber: Somebody Else’s Problem? Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Politics, and the Disciplinary Division of Labour

10.30am-12:00pm: Panel Session 1

Politics of Regional Development I (Politics: Room G6)

Speaker/Discussant: Gordon MacLeod

John Edwards: Conceptualising Capacity for Regional Development

Ross Beveridge: Containing controversy, putting limits on democracy: political

elites, consultants and the partial privatisation of the Berlin Water Company

International Law and Human Rights (Politics: Room G2)

Discussant: Derek Bell

Ronnie Yearwood: Concerning Trade and Human Rights

Chaditsa Poulatova: Analysis of Reporting on Optional Protocol on the

Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict (OPAC)

Agnieszka Wincewicz: Universal human rights: a matter or fact or political utopia?

Historical Political Philosophy (Politics: Room 112)

Discussant: Peter Jones

David Slakter: From East to West: Three Cheers for Tolerance!

Theoni Fotopoulou: Mapping a cultural agoraphobia: Creative lines of paradoxical flights

Elliott Johnson: Plato’s Republic and Gray’s Value Pluralism: A False Dichotomy?

12:00pm-12.30pm: Lunch (Politics: Undergraduate Common Room)

12.30pm-2:00pm: Panel Session 2Politics of Regional Development II (Politics: Room G6)

Discussant: Gordon MacLeod

Pedro Marques: Power in regional innovation: case study of the moulds industry in Portugal

Elizabeth Pallister: Citizenship, Higher Education and Social Inequality in Mexico

Elli Winterburn: Historic Landscape Characterisation in Context –

Politically Engineered Evidence Gathering, the Best Way to Manage the

Historic Environment, or Just Playing with GIS?

Floriane Clement: Reforestation and Forest Land Allocation in Northern Vietnam:

Analysing the Gap between Intentions and Outcome

(12:30pm-2:30pm) International Relations (Politics: Room G2) Powerpoint

Discussant: Kyle Grayson

Amelia Heath: Historical Theory in the Political Writings of E.H. Carr

Paul Hayman: Re-constructing normative IR: universalism, rules and rights

Andres Perezalonso: Biopolitics, Bare Life and the Panopticon as Elements of the

Discourse of the U.S. War on Terrorism

George Brathwaite: The Ease and Squeeze of Migrant Labour in a

Regionalising Polity: Creating Spaces in Caribbean Integration

Discussant: Jocelyn Mawdsley

Pojanath Bhatanacharoen: What happened after Cancun? The fate of agricultural policy in the WTO Doha Round after the collapse of negotiations since 2003

Contemporary Political Philosophy (Politics: Room 112)

Discussant: Matthew Johnson

Martyn Griffin: Epistemic Deliberative Theorists: The Rise (and pitfalls) of

Internal Deliberation

Karen Scott: Measuring Local Quality of Life: Promoting Democracy or

Reproducing Hegemony?

Olalla Linares Segade: Political Theory and Workplace Democracy

2:00pm-2:20pm: Coffee Break (Politics: Undergraduate Common Room)

2:20pm-4:00pm: Panel Session 3

Politics, Culture and the Arts (Politics: Room G6)

Discussant: Matt Davies

Talya Leodari: ‘Self’ and the ‘Other’: National theatres and the (de-) construction of identity

Mark Edward: Reactive and Active Forces in V for Vendetta: Becoming Reactive and Nietzsche’s (revolutionary) Overman

Adam Potts: Derrida and Japanese Noise

(2:40pm-4:20pm) Protest, Militancy and Terrorism (Politics: Room G2)

Discussant: Simon Philpott

Salim Khan: The Politics of Sectarian Violence

Yulia Yurchenko: The role of media in the opinion-formation during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine

4:00pm-6:00pm: Panel Session

Film and Discussion: (Politics: Room G6)

Minority Report

(4:20pm-6:00pm) Culture and Public Health (Politics: Room G2) Powerpoint

Discussant: Martin Weber

Joel Marsden: Sexual Health: Are Condoms the Answer?

Srikanth Puttagunta: Are UK Smoking Cessation Services Effective for Ethnic Minorities?

East Asian Culture and Politics (Politics: Room 112)

Discussant: Gordon Cheung

Michelle Na: Is the only way available to integration? The finding a pathway of

East Asian Region in the discourse of old and new regionalism

Cho-wen Chu: Comparative Review of Media Globalisation in China and Taiwan

Chen-wei Huang: Economic Restructuring and Labour: The case of Taiwan

6:00pm: Drinks (Politics: Room G6)

7:30pm: After conference meal (El Coto)